Attributes That You Will Find At Our Office

Your first visit to any doctor almost certainly includes an element of mystery – what’s the doctor going to be like and how is the office going to treat me? Well, we have good news…We like our patients and we let it show! Here’s what to expect at the Portland Chiropractic Group.


You won’t find walls and windows separating you from the staff. We’ll quickly learn your name, remember your scheduling preferences, and swap stories with you. All the while, we’re very respectful of your privacy needs and your personal wishes.


We can’t say that we’re always running exactly on time like the trains in Switzerland, but we can assure you that most of the time, if you’re on time for your appointment, we’re usually ready to get started without long delays. If we are running a little behind, we’ll let you know so that you’re not kept in the dark.


We’re proud of our diversity. We treat patients in a one-on-one setting so you can be assured that we are respectful of your individuality. As you come and go from our office, you’ll be in the company of people from all walks of life.


Chiropractors have worked hard over the last two decades to become respected members of the healing arts. You’ll find that our office, our policies, our staff, our therapists, and our doctors meet the highest standards of professionalism.


Bodywork has been done in all cultures throughout recorded history. The care we provide reflects the value of working by hand on one patient at a time with open communication. Sure, we use a computer for keeping records, but the care we provide is the “back to the basics” variety that we’re confident you will find refreshing as well as beneficial.


There’s no argument to the fact that health care costs money, but since half of our patients pay cash (the other half have some type of insurance), we need to provide honest value. Our fees are reasonable by every standard of measure and we’re confident that you will agree, especially when you see what you get for your money.


One of our guiding principles is that the human body is complex and requires comprehensive assessment. Our initial history and ongoing reevaluations are always aimed at finding the root cause or causes of your health problem(s). You may not have learned in other offices about how your nervous system, joints, posture, diet, sleep, and stress are all related, but you’ll learn it from us.


We have purposefully assembled a group of therapy providers to comprehensively meet your needs. From manipulation to diet to exercise to acupuncture, we will diligently craft a treatment program that includes the perfect mix of components. If you need something that we don’t offer, we have lists of professionals to whom we will refer you.


As we’re sure you’ve discovered in previous visits with other doctors, there is a wide degree of variation in talent. With over 20 years of experience, through “walking our talk”, and by ceaselessly working to improve, our doctors and therapist are really some of the best in the country. Perhaps other doctors will say that on their websites, but if you give us a try, we’re sure that you’ll find our skills to be from the top shelf.


As mentioned above, we like our patients and we love what we do. You’ll feel the positive energy as soon as you enter the building. Because we like what we do, we put our hearts and souls into it. If we can’t thoroughly help you, we’ll figure out who can. Most of the time, however, you’ll find that we treat you like friends and family and will go the extra mile because it’s the right thing to do.