Conditions We Treat

Chiropractic is probably one of the simplest and most logical forms of health care – yet also the most misunderstood. In a nutshell, as doctors of chiropractic we will look at your body and health from a structural and physiological point of view. In essence, how are your body systems working as a whole?

Naturally, as doctors of chiropractic we address back pain, but we also address many other types of musculoskeletal pain such as headaches, shoulder, arm and hand pain, hip, leg, and foot pain and just about any other type of pain that you can point out.

Attached to your structure are your soft-tissues such as muscles and ligaments. Our biomechanical expertise helps us identify and treat things like tendonitis, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. Muscle tension, limited range of motion, and chronic knots are all addressed with our comprehensive structural care.

We successfully manage every type of athletic injury, so bring in your sprained ankles, jammed wrists, tennis elbows, and swollen knees – we’ve seen it before, will do the proper assessment, and help speed your recovery.

At the core of your spine is the nervous system, which is actually the soul of chiropractic. Since the nervous system controls every other system in your body, we address a panoply of organic conditions such as vertigo, bloating and indigestion, constipation, and shortness of breath. Intangible problems like poor sleep, weak immunity, or restlessness are frequently improved as we remove nervous system interference. As you might expect, our spinal care relieves direct nerve irritation that causes arm and hand tingling, zinging pain down the leg, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Last but not least, we treat infants and children. Many babies have nursed for the first time in their lives in our office, slept through the night, or enjoyed the cessation of bedwetting. Fussy babies, ADD/ADHD children, and those hurt in accidents are all familiar to us – with nearly all experiencing noteworthy decreases in their troubles.

Chiropractic may be misunderstood, but we’ll take the time to explain how each aspect of your health is tied to the others, and how our hands-on management and guidance can resolve problems in ways that no other discipline can.