Portland Twilight Criterium 2009 – © Selena Deckelmann, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license

 Portland Twilight Criterium 2009 – © Selena Deckelmann, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license


Please accept our invitation to explore the personalized healthcare that we provide at Portland Chiropractic Group. We put our hearts and souls into the care we provide - listening to your goals, appreciating your desires, and meeting your needs. Our office is chock-full of talented professionals who have risen to the top of their respective fields and who provide care that is neither quick, nor preprogrammed. We take our time to understand your healthcare requirements and will create treatment plans to help you enjoy a healthier future. Check us out - you'll be glad you did.


Big, Wonderful Changes have Arrived


As the fall season arrives in the Pacific Northwest, the nourishing rains come, the leaves flash their brilliance, and people change their routines.  As much as we like summer, the shift to fall is refreshing and a natural part of the cycle of life.  In a similar sort of way, changes are occurring at Portland Chiropractic Group.

After 23 years of dedicated, personalized service, Lynn Iggulden has moved - not just out of our office, but to the sunny, dry climate of Arizona.  We will miss her daily dose of hugs, massages, life advice, and the occasional bag of Starbucks bakery treats.  Fall leaves glow with color, slip away, then come back fresh and new.  Similarly, Lynn is not retiring per se, because she is occasionally going to come back and help us out.  There's no set plan, but with a little luck we'll all be able to enjoy her skilled massage and CST once in awhile.  In the meantime, we wish her the best of times as she shifts to a new lifestyle.

We've added new people.  Willow Ryan, LMT, comes to us with many years experience in bodywork - both Yoga and massage.  She's filling in for Cyndi Hatch, LMT, who attained her nursing degree and has moved on to a job in her new field.  Although Cyndi will be missed and we're happy for her new direction, we're already thrilled with the multi-faceted skills that Willow brings. 

Dr. Christina Jaderholm is a chiropractor who has brought an entirely new dimension to the healing arts in our practice.  In addition to her regular chiropractic practice oriented to pediatric care, Dr. Jaderholm has training and experience in Functional Neurology (see our services page).  She has the ability to diagnose and treat some of the most confounding brain/nervous system conditions by helping the body re-connect normal neurological firing patterns.  Many of our patients have already found answers with Dr. Christina that they never thought would be answerable.

Last, but obviously not least, our own Dr. Elise Hewitt was select by Portland Monthly magazine as a "Top Natural Practitioner" in 2014!  Take a look: http://www.portlandmonthlymag.com/lists/top-doctors/?&editors_pick=false&last_name_filter%5B%5D=1&page=9