Hi Randy,

This is a testing page. I created it to help explain how to find the elusive "Content Blocks". I finally discovered where these page Content Blocks were hiding in the new editing system. You must hover your mouse near the left edge of your content. Then you will see gray colored sideways teardrop shapes appear . These represent insertion points. If you hover your mouse over one of them a horizontal line appears on top of the one you are hovering on indicating this is where on the page you can insert a new Content Block if you click it. Once you click on the teardrop shape (insertion point) you will see a new menu of items you can choose from. The things you can choose from are grouped/categorized (Basic, Gallery, Summary, More, etc.) . You can choose from Text, Image, Video, etc. To add the embedded Google map like we were discussing recently, you want to choose Code (under the More category header). But first go to the contact page with the map already embedded in the page (or you can use the same map I pasted into this TESTING page). Hover over the map and click the EDIT button. This will bring up a box that reveals the code that generates the map. Highlight and copy all the code in that box. Then go back to your new page you want to add this too and click an insertion point where you'd like it placed. Select Code and then paste your copied markup code in that box. Ta-da… Hopefully that was easy enough to follow and gave you the results you wanted. If not, call me and I can walk you through it. 

– John

p.s. Here is a link to the Squarespace page where they explain using content blocks and page editing in general